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Got PSVR (turned into a ps4 rant)

I caved.

^-o After my dad showed me what it could do I was hooked.  I don’t like the ps4, and this wiring system kind of accentuated why.

I got psvr because it’s most accessible (I want to play fnaf vr). Any one who says, “simple to set up” is lying.

If I have to read the manual in order to figure out where each plug goes along with each being numbered, that’s not simple.  Plus you have the added joy of it using its own power adaptor;

  1. You have power to the box.
  2. Power to the headset.
  3. The box has to go though a cross box.

Now here is the odd part: If I unplug the power the the headset, that turns the box off.


^-o *Sony Seem like it wants to channel the spirit of the ‘saga cd’.*

Having all the plug located in the back of the ps4 makes hooking up/disconcerting  the VR an aggravating experience (reminds me of old CRT TV’s).  It’s a console that lays flat, this means each time you change cords you NEED to lean it forward in order to see the ports (This wouldn’t be a problem if the cords where’t short).

Couldn’t we just have a circuit switch/button on the cross box?

I guess it was just one of the short comings involved with creating the VR headset so late into the consoles life.

HAY PS5, fix this problem!

While I’m on a little ps4 rant, Why does the controller vibrate so violently? Who looked at rubble and said, “It need to feel like a washing machine on fast spin.”

In conclusion,  my dad is really happy that he now has someone to talk VR with.


Sad TT_TT I really wanted that game (spyro)

It has come into light that the game will require you to download game 2/3.

Why is this a problem? The PS4 doesn’t have enough space!

T-T If I want to make space after playing the game I will loose the 2 games and have to pay for a new disk.

If the game is big I’m going to want it on a disk!

^_o I get what they are doing: “downloading the games insures us money.”

That’s all well and good until download sizes reach ridicules levels.

Behold the age of 4k gaming, where your commercial gaming consoles has the holding capacity of a Nintendo switch.

T-o I don’t understand why they didn’t just release them as download only?  Surely with there method were just going to loose spyro 2-3 to time (we will run out of codes eventually).