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I had a shock at the game shop!

I’m cleaning the shelves of games I no longer play.

This includes:

  • wii
  • gamecube
  • wiiU

I sort of knew what I would get around for the wiiU games…however, I must have had a though gems in there because my final total back was £120!

O_o . . . How did that happen? this was just junk on the shelf???

XD when I was leaving the shop a random guy asked me for the left over stuff in the box (stuff the shop would not take).

Guy:”How much!?”

Me: “You can it for free.”

Guy “Thanks!” XD


DB: “why didn’t you ask for money?”

Me: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I gave it to him for the same reason I gave you the money from the anime I didn’t want; my final plan for them was ether charity or the bin.”

*The games they didn’t take did function.*

O_O I gave a load of manga to charity just to clear the shelves (I must of introduced a lot of teens in the village to manga that month).

XD  My nephew fell in love with my old 90’s Mr blobby doll (One man’s trash is another man’s treasure).

Never undervalue the price of stuff, but never undervalue what it means to someone.


I anyone ells having this problem: getting junk I didn’t follow in my reader.

O_o What is the point of giving me a costume list made to help me access blogs I follow  if WordPress is just going to put random sites into the mix.

There has to be a better way of advertising these blogs without forcing them into my feed.

If need make two feeds, just leave my main one alone!

^-o Merry Christmas everyone.

Game: Manga roulette

This game aims to get you to read manga’s that you would not normally buy when you go to your local book/manga shop.

Easy mode

  • Go to your book shop and pick up a manga that you have seen online/have heard about
  • you are not allowed to look at the books art (inside the book) or to read the blurb on the back

Normal mode

  • You have to be willing to pick up any genre
  • You are allowed to look at the covers however, you can’t read the blurb on the back
  • If you recognize the name of the manga/author or the artist you must put it back
  • All ratings are allowed (unless your under 18; then you can disallow M)

Hard mode *2 player+*

  • Each player has to buy the other players manga
  • The players can’t consort with the player they are buying for

*Find out what the other person owns so that you don’t get doubles*

  • All ratings are allowed (unless your under 18; then you can disallow M)
  • Once the manga is bought you have to read it
  • You can’t but the manag with the intent of reading it yourself
  • Choose obscure titles
  • No  omnibus manga
  • Set a price limit
  • Don’t be a jerk; consider what the other person really hates.

Have fun guys

^_^ I play this game every time I go to the manga shop.

(Playing hard mode on my next trip)