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Nintendo switch rant: power off


O_O I don’t think many people know how to do it.


Do you know how to get to this screen? 


This is the only way to turn it off (otherwise it’s in sleep mode using up battery power). 

You know how you normally keep your finger on the power button to do an emergency shutdown, well with this machine you are meant to do that in order to turn it off. HOW ARE YOU MEANT TO GUESS THAT!

O_o Why isn’t this like the 3DS where as soon a you press the power button this menu comes up.

Why doesn’t the little power icon on the switch menu link me to this?


Rant currys pc world

Y-o Why the hell are they hiring staff who don’t know anything about computers?

I’m not talking about knowing  all the ins and outs of how the computer works, I’m talking about being so unknowable that they don’t know what word processor is.

This was the computer shop that refused to talk to me when I was buying the computer I’m using right now because I was a woman (I know other woman who had the same problem).

This idiot who didn’t know what a word processor was then had the audacity to say “Microsoft don’t make full word programs anymore, you have to get are yearly or monthly prescription.”

That is utter bull!  Y_Y I just want the download code to give as gift, why the hell is this moron trying to convince me Office Home and Student 2016 doesn’t exists.

Train your staff to know what basic programs are and teach them not to try and scam people so openly.

I don’t want to be political however, can someone answer me this:

T-o Why can’t people get the UK’s name correct?

It’s called the “United kingdom of great Britain and northern Ireland”.

 I can understand saying “UK” or “Britain” but not England.

Is it because people associate Brexit  with st george (the flag of England)  which is seen as a symbol of racism? O_O Is that why people keep calling the UK England in so many news articles.

It’s getting to point where I feel that if I go into town and ask people “What is this uk’s full name?” a lot of them would not be able to answer.

When your trying to make a serious news post about the Referendum you should be able to get the countries name correct.

Sorry, its just something that has really been bugging me.


fair use……are you sure????

I was watching one of my favourite you tubers when I heard him say “A cover is fare use”….no it’s not. “Covers class as transformative.” ……no they don’t.

If you make a cover of a song and you make money off it you have to pay royalties to the original owner.

If something is transformative it has gone beyond the original base idea.

*You can use the formula but you can’t end  at the conclusion (A+B=C you can’t both end up at 3).*

There is shifty way around getting past cover laws. In animaniacs they would remix the notes in the music so that the beat was recognizable but the reorchestrated notes were just different enough to class as new song (This can back fire e.g Moshi Monsters lady goo goo).

*if lady goo goo can’t pass as parody and fair use I have no hope (It got taken down from the moshi page when it went viral).*

Art (This is a hard one).

If you make fan art that is identical to the shows design/look and claim it as your own you have broken copyright.

O_O I doubt that a lot of of fan artist know that a lot of colours are copyrighted (e.g The red on coka cola is copyrighted).

I remember talking to an anime fan who put dango (directly from clannad) on to her shops banner.

Me: “You can get in trouble for doing that.”
Person: “anime don’t get covered by copyright law”
Me: “pardon????”

There are loads of anime fan’s out there that actually believe that.


At the end of the day we in the UK have different copyright laws to those in the USA.

Do you know it’s illegal to copy a page in a book or lend a book to someone (copyright is crazily complicated).

Of course, UK copyright law prevents you from making copies willy-nilly; after all, the creator of that image or text has the right to authorise its use, to know how it is being used and to be paid for it – intellectual property is the same as any other property in this respect.

So how can you make copies and still stay on the right side of the law? Well, like other types of property, you can buy it or rent it for an agreed period or purpose or sometimes the owner will let you borrow it as long you ask permission.

But to do this you would need to identify the rightsholder – usually the publisher – then contact them, explaining how you want to use the content and they will decide whether or not to grant you permission. It may take some time to get an answer and the cost is uncertain. Just imagine having to go through that every time you wanted to use text or images from books, magazines or certain websites in your teaching.

^_^ That’s why we had to learn about the harvard referencing method in contextual studies.


not going to post till the rainbow is gone

O_O I feel dizzy and sick every time I try and use the site.

I understand the point of the rainbow however, most site did it too their logos not there scroll down banners. Every time I try and edit anything in the text box on this site a feel myself going cross eyed which in response makes me feel ill.

Even now I have to type and check everything on Microsoft word in order to copy and paste fast onto the site (it’s going to be hard to put the tags in).

T_o soooo! there seems to be a lot fog around.

^_^ This news story is actual interesting because you would think people would be worried that they are currently drowning in radiation (unnatural chemicals). but nope, there complaining about a natural sand storm that mix with are fog.

definition pollution: The presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects.

Cameron “a naturally occurring weather phenomenon”.


o-O I dislike Cameron but in this instance he is right.
The radiation/contaminants drifted along with the storm (that has happen before).
How can you ask a government to pull down radiation/contaminants when it’s not even coming from our island.
A huge sand storm happens in the Sahara desert and drifted into are area. There is sand in the air/fog and it’s are governments fault? What do you want them to do about it, develop magical druid powers “you shall not enter dust storm”.

^_^ I need to have a little rant.

Moe rant

Oddly this is not going to be a rant on how moe is everywhere; in fact this rant is about anime fans who can’t think for then selves.

I call these fan sheep, mostly because they usually have a leader who tells then what to think.


This annoys me because whenever there leaders tell them that modern day anime they always say that all anime these days is moe.  They then proceed to get all of their data from 2006-2009????

I don’t know if you have knottiest however, IT’S 2013!

If you are going to complain about modern anime get up-to-date data.


It’s like the people who are comparing the moe boom to the death game genre.

*oh no 1-2 death game anime per season, it has to be an epidemic. *

I think too many people look at an anime and just shout moe as soon as they see girls with cute faces but, if you were to watch the show you would see that its not an anime based on a group of girls drinking tea.

The biggest problem people had with the moe boom wasn’t the designs or archetypes, it was the fact that moe centered shows have no plot/stories.


Sorry for my little rant.

T_T annoyance

One of the biggest problem with living at home has to be that you have to drop everything for others; they go out and I’m stuck watching dog, they stay out longer then they said forcing me to sit down stairs, when my sister is in the house I’m forced to sit in this box room until she leaves.

*I think I’m going a little Stir-crazy*


I really want to be writing my story however, people keep disturbing or forcing me to alone down stairs till they return.

I would like to spend that time reading a manga in silences but are nutty neighbour likes to hammer on are door and run when she thinks we are not in (she like upsetting are dog). According top are village she also peeps though are letter box and are windows…. No wonder the dog does not like being alone.

She makes it impossible to sit at the door step and enjoy the fresh air.

*How would you feel if someone was always watching you though the crack in there door.*

sorry followers, i was in a rant mood today.