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ReLIFE midway impression


I’m starting to spot a problem with the project.

What is Arata learning in this school that is meant to improve his 27 year old NEET (not in education, employment or training) life?  I thought he had stopped drinking and smoking until episode 6 proved that wasn’t the case. How is he buying the beer and cigarettes??? You can’t call it a nit pick because the show spotlighted that very point in an earlier episode.

The plot twist wasn’t really a twist seeing as it was so obvious who ells was taking the pills to make them look younger.

The second half of the twist raises more questions then confirms suspicions:

Why has Ooga been going to this school for 2 years if he is a grown man? The subjects only get a year in the program and at the end everyone’s mind is erased (Did he want to be on a school council that bad?).

This woman who is an employee of the project has been doing nothing but hindering his progress on the project……what was her point again?  It would make so much more sense if she was another NEET on the program.

I’m not sure how to feel about this anime???? The main story is a mess yet, when the anime is ignoring the relife project it manages to hit real emotional/humorous heights.

Should I look at the project as a bounce bored for the school interactions or should I look at it as the by-product that is unfortunately being dragged down by an underdeveloped premise.

ReLIFE first impression


You would have to drag me kicking and screaming in order to send me back to that hell!

This anime is about a 27 year old neet (Not in Education, Employment or Training) who gets turned into a high schooler in order to get a chance at turning his life around.

The first episode is just set…….and nothing ells.

The mane lead gets in trouble for smoking…..that’s it.

There is nothing wrong with the episode…….it’s just bland.

Makes you wonder how you would react to this scenario?