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Rewrite midway impression


XD This scene serves no purpose (its not a transition because it required a transition for the transition).

Firstly: I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PLOT! Do you why? I don’t know what the plot is.

  • The show is a harem
  • Monster hunting
  • Manipulative emotion drama
  • romantic hijinks
  • Comedy
  • High school
  • Evil organisation
  • Environmentalist
  • Creepy moe
  • Over/under designed anime.

There is way too much going on! My biggest problem is that tone of the show fluctuates so much you can never get a stable grip on what the show wants to be (the episodes don’t flow into each-other).


All of the girls are the same, there backstories are thing that parts them. On that note  the voice of Lucia Konohana really stood out in bad way; I could never hear the character talking it was always just a VA in my head.  I think this happened because all the other girls were doing the cute Moe voice(slight squeak) while she spoke flat.

 *Voice actors only roll* ^-o I’m getting good at spotting these people.

Manipulative emotion drama

Here is when the show falls flat on its face.

Let’s look at the story of Shizuru Nakatsu:  She can heal people however, in exchange the other person will lose memories……I think.

Here is why her entire episode makes no sense.

  1. She said her parents started to hate each-other after she healed them, yet they are happily together in current times.
  2. She claims they don’t know her because of the healing magic, rubbish. They kept her around long after the incident.
  3. These bad parents sold their daughter to the government for a lot of money…….and apparently this improved their lives greatly (it’s not a bad relationship honey it’s just the demon child that makes us want to abuse each-other).
  4. They moved to a new house and apparently moved straight back to the old house after the fire.
  5. After abandoning their daughter they had sex and made a new one (that little girl of these doesn’t look that young and Shizuru Nakatsu is still in high school).


I’m curious to see just where this anime will end.


Rewrite first impression


Why are the sleeves not the same!

This anime is about……dating sim?????

The first half is about being introduced to a bunch of girls and the second half is about magic; how do they link? I have no clue.  I feel that this anime suffers with the rare problem of haveing two different shows taking place within one world (they try and blend them but they always feel miles apart).

The animation in this show is shockingly bad at times thanks to the layering of the foreground onto the background (It can also range from miner continuity problems to mouth flaps being off time).

Capture 4.PNG

It looks to be some sort of squid, spider, crab hybrid.

This is the one time I have to complain about the male students uniforms. How can you go for such an overly styled dress for your female students clothes yet feel like the bland male uniform will not clash??? These boy should be wearing long old style jackets with frilly shirts in order for the school to look like  there is a uniformity between all the students no matter what their gender.


They are not even wearing the same colour.

I feel that making this first episode double length was the studios way of forcing you to watch the second episode in order to intrigue you into the magical side of the story….I see that as nothing more than a bad sign of what is to come (even with 48 minutes the plot felt really rushed).


Behold the kid who needs a  sat-nav in order to find a classroom in a school he attends.

Capture 1.PNG





O_O WOW! Rewrite

I had to stop here because this one moment left me speechless.


Are you honestly going to tell me animators looked at that and said it was ok.

I spotted loads of animation mistake in this anime however, that one moment has to be the worst animation layer I have ever seen in an anime full stop.