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dropping Strike the Blood


This anime will always find a way of putting me to sleep.

O_O *Majestic prince didn’t even manage to send me to sleep every episode.* 

I think the show is just too wordy (dose’t hold my interest).


Strike the Blood 25% impression

Image*Kojou is not amused.*

The biggest problem with this show is that it doesn’t have anything special going for it, you could make a check list of all the bland clichés they use in this anime.

Vampires/demons check

Friends walking-in at the wrong time check

Tsundere check

Bad guy trying to get power check

Forced Sob stories check

Possessive classmates check

p.s If I had a class mate that shredded my homework in half I would crack there head so hard that they won’t be seeing straight for weeks …….. That or I could have her reported for blatant vandalism with malicious intent (I could probably get her suspended if the witnesses speak up).

I’m going to try and complete it, how many episodes left (18 episodes)…you must be joking.

*I don’t like it when shows beat me.*

Strike the Blood (First impression)


This show is about…….well….I think there monsters?

We get a quick briefing of who they are/where they live however, we didn’t really get a big picture of what there world is like (most of the background characters looked human to me).

*This island is filled with freaks/monsters.*

Hopefully theses dodgy red/blue 3d moments won’t show up in later episodes (who own a pair of them old 3d glasses).

The only thing that really stood out to me with this first episode was the music playing in the café (I don’t think anyone can honestly listen to that scene and not think Pokémon).

I want to know what happens….yet, I don’t really care…….how is that possible?

*You have to give shows like this a chance.*