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tamako market ending (reaction)


Like I said from the start: moe + plot = POINTLESS!

There are 2 ways to present a normal show:

  1. Story driven
  2. Character driven

Moe is incapable of doing any of these options because the characters are designed to be pure, sweet and innocent (they can’t change).  How can anyone do a normal A to B story with characters that has no motivation and the survival skills of a dodo?

T-o when I try and come up with a moe based story I always imagine emotionally repressed people acting cute and innocent in order to hind there horrible things people have done to them.  *All moe character seem a little mentally disturbed to me.*


This show was fun to look at……….o-o I can’t think of anything ells?

There were a lot of episodes that surprisingly rubbed me the wrong way?

There was one episode where they were starving the bird in order to make him lose weight. I’m sure most of the people reading this know that starving yourself is incredibly dangerous (how do you thing I felt watching these characters play this for laughs?).

I find that moe characters can be really terrifying when you realise they have the comprehension skills of a 2 year old (they could murder someone and see nothing of it).


I can back that last statement with how Tamako reacts to everyone’s support.

“We will respect whatever you choose to do”

“Do what makes you happy.”

Tamako’s reaction: “why does everyone want me to leaves?”

T_T  . . . you’re an idiot.

This was an interesting show in the sense it tried to do drama with moe but, inevitably you realise that in order to have interesting conflicts you need characters with character (Styrofoam has more personality then are main leads).



tamako market midway impression

ImageThis show really doesn’t know how to create tension.

Owners: There is a ghost in the market

Girl:  No there isn’t

Owners: Ok then

What was the point?

The biggest problem with this show is that it feels like it should be going somewhere, yet with each passing episodes we stay in the same place with the same bland characters.  6 episodes in and I can only can remember 3 “characters” by sight: Tamako (she is the title character), that boy across the street, the bird and that flower shop woman (she has a man’s voice).

I have a really hard time differentiating other “characters”. 


Episode 5 really confused me??? I can understand that some friends can be get very defensive when it comes to boys dating their closest friends (people don’t what to lose there friend to someone ells) however, she sort of comes off as a bit lesbian in this episode.

I can kind of understand stopping a love confession being delivered by bird (even if it does sound romantic) but, when you start to ferociously keeping them apart, asking Tamako who she like best and even intimidating the boy (I haven known her longer and I know more about her then you) I have to ask the question, are you sexual attracted to this girl?

At the end of the episode she just randomly becomes ok with it and moves on…..what? You can’t have that character be that defensive change their mind that quickly (you need a good reason for that to happen).


It’s a cute show! I just wish it would stop doing forced conflicts.

tamako market first impression


Tamako is a young girl that lives with her father who owns a mochi shop that is in rivalry with another mocha shop across the street (that was a lot hard to say then you think).  The rival mochi shop has a son that I think is going to be a romantic love interest at some point in this anime however, seeing as this is a moe based show I highly doubt he will ever brake though her dense head.

I never understood why some show moe shows feel like they need a plot (it’s just poor excuse for dramatic ending).   *There is a difference between a plot and a story*

There is nothing wrong with the show but…..I do think this first episode is very cluttered.  O_O I would love to talk more about this anime but there is just so little substance. They try and make it look like something is going on (hence the clutter) but underneath all that show none of it has any impact on the characters.

I don’t need 10 episode of Tamako moping about people forgetting her birthday, but I do expect something!
Guy: it’s Tamako’s birthday and I forgot to give her a gift.
*That came out of nowhere*
Tamako: I’m sad (she didn’t bring up until the final part of the episode)
*5 seconds latter *
Tamako: yay! I have birthday texts
*what was the point in that?*

If you are going to have a story in any show you need a beginning, middle and end.