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The Lost Village first impression


nice bus.

 Come on list give me something random: “The Lost Village” *after watching *. . . what happened?

This is about people (I think they are a cult, the show doesn’t really make it clear) going to a lost village to restart their lives.

They mention genesis and the ark at one point.

My guess would be that they all get banished to a barren land and get killed for being sinners (why ells mention “Noah’s ark” and “The garden of eden”).

The first episode is dedicated to telling you who all the people on the bus are…. By roll call all their names…..for over 3 minutes.

Do you know what the sad thing is? I can’t remember any of them.

You might be asking: What happened in the episode? Padding! Lots and lots of padding!

They played bus games and sang a song about an unlucky hippo, THE END…..and the driver tried to kill them, but that didn’t lead anywhere.