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Triage X first impression


Sentient steam always triumphs over T&A.

This anime is drenched in masculinity.

I think the show is about a group of assassins….that’s it, nothing ells was established.

  • You have your motor bikes
  • Huge jiggly boobs
  • Pointless shower shots
  •  Explosions
  • S&M
  • Computer generated guns

There is even a backstory about a guy whose friend died in a terrorist attack only to have his mad doctor father take his friend’s body-parts in order to rebuild him (good thing Is organs were ok).

O_O This is so pandering I don’t know what to make of it.

Capture 1.PNG

You can’t show a woman’s butt yet, you can show a man’s butt (poor guy has no willy, just an endless black-hole between his legs).