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White Album 2 ending (reaction)

ImageThe last episode was really touching……however, I don’t agree with how they got to that outcome.

If you are going to attempt a romance (especially a deep romance) you need to gradually grow it from the roots up….not in White Album.  This anime believes that it can get away with a deep Romantic connections by showing 3 episodes of flashback exposition.

*In short: 3 out of 13 episodes were dedicated to explaining their romantic connection….in flashback.*


I honestly have a hard time connecting the first half of this show to the second half????
My main complaint with the first half of this anime was that you could tell it was based on a visual novel thanks to the character activated songs, you also had the feeling that are main character was choosing options from a list.

*He was a little sporadic at times*


With the second half of this show you can tell that the writers have chosen their girl and now need to find a way to make her the more prominent lead.  Throughout this anime they have left the idea of being romantically involved with ether girl very open, to the point that I doubt even they knew who it would be till the last second.

“Why did you not see that I was in love?”

You were cold, distant and rarely showed any affection towards him while he was awake.

*I wonder why he didn’t realize*


Snows at the right moments and a car driving by with its high-beams on.


White Album 2 (First impression )


Thanks poster, we now know what year this anime takes place.

The first thing I realized about this anime was that it’s a season 2 (why dose crunchyroll always get season 2‘s when they don’t have the first season) and secondly I realize that this anime was base on a visual novel.

The only reason I realized this  was because they were using background music as if that was the characters them song.    *This overly cheery music sure fits this scene (carrying stuff up the stairs). *

This anime has very light animation/ designs that complement the sweet story that I believe is going to develop in latter episodes.  I didn’t think that I was going to be that interested in this anime yet, it has captured my eye thanks to its natural characters and slow pacing.