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Did the wiiu suck?

T_T sorry for going silent, I think the changes in air pressure have been giving me migraines

I have been thinking about this question a lot, did the ‘wiiu’ suck? I owned a ‘wiiu’, so I feel like I have good grounds to talk about it.

Good side

The games it did have were fun, but expensive.

You could link up your ‘ds’ to it and play game you owned on the ‘WiiU’ (long as there in the ‘wiiu eshop’).

. . . The controller was built to be drop proof……I can’t think of anything ells.


bad side

The game console used two power adaptors. So you would need to plug in the game console at the wall and then plug in the controller into the wall (Hope you have a socket close to your chair).

You need the console to be on in order to just play on the game pad, so even if my TV is off the system is still using the same amount of power (something needed to stream the signal).

Unnecessary use of the game pad.  The ‘ds’ had the same problem; How do you use two screens without taking your focus from ether?  The ‘ds’ had the two screens close and bent at the 90 degree angle, the ‘wiiu’ didn’t do this, in fact in many games it had you ether:

  1. holding the controller upright or
  2.  focusing all your attention on the lower screen.


The controller was uncomfortable.  The way your meant to hold it is by tucking your fingers behind it while holding the grips. This would’t be a bad set up if you were just playing a plat-former…. it’s not good for anything ells.


e.g. In ‘rayman legends’ you have to turn the controller to rotate a wheel, Which meant you were contorting your arms if you held the controller the correct way.

In ‘splatoon’ the map was on the ‘wiiU’ pad, this was bed because the ‘wiiu’ had a built in gyro. If you want to look at your map you had to tilt the controller, but if you did that you can’t see whats on the screen, making it completely useless (you only need to look at the map for a miller second, yet the movement takes longer).


The Game-pad weighs about 1.1 pounds/500g, How comfortable do you think that controller is to hold with just one hand? *The ‘ds family’ on average weighs half that amount!*  Your only option is to place it on a table or on your lap when using the touch screen, which means you can’t comfortably put in button inputs.

O_O It had a little hole in the back of the armrest that you could screw a tripod in…..why??????


My gripes never came from what the system could do, they always came from what the system was.  plus one more thing,  Why were they button so far in?


You advertised this to children; I couldn’t comfortably tuck my hand around the back, how are they going to do it with there smaller hands?

*I have tiny hands*



^-o played super mario 64 ds for the first time

After watching chuggaaconroy’s let’s play full for the 4th time I decided that I would download this game onto my wii U.

^-o I have 30 stars so far and haven’t even battled bowser yet.