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Played splatoon for the first time.

It was an experience…. though I do have a couple of qualms with it.

Why are under lv 10’s being matched up against lv 50’s?

Why do we only get two battle fields?

Why are lv 7 players playing worse than a lv 1 player?

If I had a microphone I would be shouting at these people: “Don’t all stand in the same place!”

*Good thing this game has no mics*

I got to lv9 really fast thanks to being matched up with some competent teammates (it very much is just luck of the draw). One team was so bad we were struggling to find their paint.

O_o There were games when we were destroyed however, I don’t count them as fare thanks to the games matching us against players who were much more experienced then us and had way better weaponry (lv 30+).

^_^ Hope Splatoon two fix’s the level match up’s when in Wi-Fi mode.


I love my WiiU

O_o You don’t need a tv! Why doesn’t Nintendo use this as a selling aspect! 

*Gets bad flash backs of moving a big heavy TV forwards just to try and blindly switch the cables in the back of the telly (dark times).*

You newfangled kids with your flat screens and thin hdmi cables. XD

^_o I don’t have a TV in my room so this system to really useful.