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Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches ending (reaction)


There is a reason why I avoid teen books. 

synopsis: 7 girls have magical powers.

I’m going to be straight to the point here: I have a strong biased towards this anime.  If you love it fine however, I can’t enjoy this show purely because it is written too simplistically.

When I watch a harem anime I want to see how the girls individually communicate with the males lead, this show doesn’t have that.   Excluding the blond haired lass I can’t even remember on the top of my head what the other 6 girls look like.

I don’t feel like the show properly expressed the suffering these girls had to go through thanks to their powers.


  1. I have powers and a backstory I will tell you about.
  2. Guy is nice to them.
  3. Everything is better.

It was so formulaic I didn’t want to watch it all the way to the end.

My score 4/10

T-o If you are a young teen you might like it.


Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches midway impression


The problem that I have with this anime is the same one I had with “Strike the Blood” and “parasyte the maxim”, the director is clearly inexperienced with this kind of show.

When you convert a manga into an anime you have to insert your own brand of life into the show to make up for the loss of spirit contained in the original artwork. studios/writers  spend years honing down what helps there energy flow best thogh there work, this is why it’s supper easy to tell when something has been plopped robotically (The spirit of your work is important if you want it to last and have a presence).

When I watch anime like this all I hear is an audio book and nothing else (it’s why these kinds of shows put me to sleep).

What’s happened so far? I don’t really care. There are girls with powers……that’s about it.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches first impression

CaptureThis anime suffers with the same problem “Parasyte -the maxim-“had!

The one thing I’m getting really good at is spotting when an anime has been produced by amateurs who are very much inexperienced with converting a manga into an anime.  I know this might sound strange to many anime fan’s out there but, when I’m watching an anime I shouldn’t  feel like I’m just watching a manga with motion.

An anime should inject life into them flat pages! I should be watching moving natural people roaming this world going through their daily lives.


Let me give you an example: Death note

This was the first manga I ever fully collected and read. When I finished the books I went onto amazon and ordered the entire anime box set.

Do you know what I found? An anime that knew it had to find a way to interpret the tone in a way that expressed the spirit of the original artist and writer.  Sure It was close to the manga but, I could tell the two apart because the anime had a spirit and presence of its own.


The best way I can describe this episode is squished.  O_O It felt like a huge chuck of story was missing and they were quickly trying to stick it back together.

If you are in anyway interested in this concept read the manga on cruchyroll.

*This anime is like watching a decrepit sloth dance.*