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dropping Your lie in April

CaptureI tried! I really, really tried to like this anime. TT-TT

I just can’t get past the emotionally/physical abusive aspect of it (it’s leaving a horrible taste in my mouth every time I watch it).

T-o she bullied him into a in contest that he didn’t want to play and then she has the goal to say it his fault she’s stressed? Y_Y he told you he can’t hear music and he told you he did not want to be on stage. Oh, you have to love the fact  she physical attacks him while trying to learn a song they never practiced together….like it would have mattered.  Even during the performance she showed that she was not trying to stray in tempo with him (she speeds up randomly), when her partner changes tone she arrogantly refuse to match up.

I can’t see her as anything more than a jerk (the show wants you to think she is in the right).

I’m sorry if you like this anime but, I just couldn’t take anymore (I’d much rather drop it then just complain about the same problems ever 6 episodes).



Your lie in April first impression

CaptureShe clearly broke a window on the first floor, why are they on the ground floor in the next scene? How did that boy open the window from the outside? Why are there no teachers monitoring these students?

I wish this horrible trend of attacking men with guns and blunt object would stop (it would be seen a disgustingly wrong if you did that to a woman).

*Throwing a baseball at full speed into someone head is not funny or cute.*


I’m bring up the violence aspect of this anime for a good reason, that being the fact this is a romance anime that wants to play with your emotions…and it uses an abusive past to do that.

The boy that you’re beating up for comical relief was physically abused by his mother until he could play the piano perfectly. T-o I’m amazed that this boy is not scared of woman full stop thanks to the repulsive treatment his so called female friend gives him.

*Do Japanese men like the idea of a woman physically/emotionally abusing them?(I have nothing against S&M but, can we keep it out of anime aimed at teens?).*


The first 3 minutes of this anime look amazing….and then it takes a nose dive. I love the amount of detail that goes into their hand movements it really helps to give the music there playing life, but on the other hand. T-o In order for this anime to afford such detail it had to cut back on everything ells and you can easily see it in the stilted animation, close ups and forcing us to stare at still images.

*I wonder if it could break “wake up girl’s” record of 22 seconds (still image)*

T-O I’m going to keep my eye on this anime.