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My top best/worst anime 2014

Hello guys! Sorry there was no post yesterday (life complications).

^_o seeing as we are about to enter the new year I thought this would be the perfect time to tell the people who don’t look at my score page what my top/worst anime of 2014 where.


  • As long as an anime ends in 2014 it can make the list.
  • No season 2 or beyond
  • I must be able to legally stream it in my region (^-o I’m uk friendly).

Additional: My final official list will most likely will be finished much latter into 2015 (I’m determined to finish noragami).   

1. Nagi no asukara 


This anime is about a bunch of sea children that come onto land because there school has been shut down. While on land they are preparing a sea doll that will be used in a ceremony that appeases the sea god and lets the humans and sea people live a harmonies life…. That would be the case if the two people liked each other.

This show was beautiful! You did get the annoying character in this show and you did over dramatic moments that really wouldn’t make sense in the context of the moment (just because a couple is having a moment of drama in one scene doesn’t automatically mean it will transition into the next).

Imagine you were making toast and someone randomly walks in talking like a dramatic Shakespearean actor (you would not keep a straight face).

*XD it’s my favorite staple of drama anime.*

This is the only anime that I have watched that made me want to see more (didn’t want it to end).

2. Log horizon 


A bunch of gamers get stuck in a fully immersive online game and have to come up with a democracy in order to create laws that will help bring order thought-out the land.

Was I the only person going in this that expected something more of the lines of Maoyu than SAO?  Maoyu was a wordy and oddly more obsessed with politics then the actual story of the show.

Compared to the onslaught of death game anime that have been coming out this was a breath of fresh air (you can’t die).  If you’re not a fan of wordy anime don’t watch this.

3.Hozuki no reitetsu 


This a comedy about Japanese hell….what ells do you need to know???

I really don’t like talking about comedy anime! Your entire enjoyment of this show rest of the fact if your enjoy dead pan humour.

^_^ For the most part the jokes are spot on and that’s all I ever wish for with a comedy anime.

I’m sorry this is sort but…..comedy ether makes you laugh or cringe.

4.Wake up,girls!  


You have a group of idol girls from a small company trying to make it big…..oh, any company that is big and makes money is evil.

I don’t like this anime! BUT….….I can’t say that this was poorly produce or paced. This anime was of a good quality, you could tell how much work and love went into writing the story , developing each character to have a realistic (for the most part) personalities and giving each girl a moment to shine.

I will always remember that last episode speech: “The victims of 911 would have felt a lot less sad if they had idol girls.”  XD  It comes out of nowhere and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

5.Golden time

6.The world is still beautiful

7.No game no life


9.Witch craft works

10.If her flag brakes

11.Magimoji rurumo

12.Black bullet

13.Nobunaga that fool

14.The fruit of grisaia


16.Chaika-the coffin princess

17.Wizard Barristers

18.The pilot’s love song


20.Is this order a rabbit?

21.Brynhildr in the darkness

22.Aldnoah zero



25.Momo kyun sword

26. soni-ani: super sonico the animation

27. Blade and soul

28. Bladedance of elementalers

29. magical warfare


O_O THIS SHOW!  anyone who tries to tell me the animation in this show is good is begging for a punch in the nose! animation is more then frame rate and pretty imagery.

Look at this image and say the animators cared about the quality of this production?



You might be asking: what is this show about? I honestly couldn’t tell you.

There is a magical school and some kids have to be sent there because……the plot says so.

Are there bad guys? Answer: Kind of?

Are there good guys? Answer: Kind of?

You learn to dislike everyone in this show so there is no real reason to pick a side.

The plot and the story are all over the place with every little sense or coherency trying it bind it all together.

This is a paragraph from my anime log. The show had been using telaporting throughout its entire run and suddenly they randomly bring up this crystal (that no one had been using) to send you to specific places.

“It will teleport you to predetermined destination”……opposed to other forms of teleporting that just dump you in a random field???  *I could summon a gate sir, but we do run the risk of being attacked by cows.*

Thank you magical warfare  for putting that image in my head.

If you’re going to watch magical warfare I recommend you “watch it”.  There are just as many visual problem as there are verbal.

*I need to get my friend to watch this fully before I can properly review it (there is a good reason why i don’t do big reviews).*

30. z/x Ignition


Each time I look at this image it makes me think he is inside the stomach of a hentai monster.

what’s the plot to z/x Ignition? I DON’T KNOW!

Some people have smart phones that trap monsters the end….oh, there is also a harem randomly thorough in there.

Nothing is explained! You spend the entire show just looking at the screen begging for answers that never come.

31. La corda d’oro -blue sky- 


What is this show about: A music school….that’s it!

There is a music contest that some people entire and the students seem to like it. *tumble weed*

T_T Do you want to know why this anime truly fails.  It’s not the still frames and lazy arm movements to the music, it’s not even the extremely bland female lead that could be erased from that story with no repercussion.

This anime that was aimed and created to arouse ladies fantasies heavily lacks sexy men. You have the friend who spends his time complaining, that rose guy and the child hood enemy whose parents died in a car accident (there are some hot males there just for eye candy, but they never do anything with are female lead).

There is no reason to ever watch this anime.

T-o these charterers are so bland (some charterers don’t even have bio’s).




Z/X IGNITION ending (reaction)

ImageWe have reached the ending of this show and I still have no idea how the Z/X beam portal things work (I’m guessing they lead to different dimensions).

I have no big problem with angles and demons in anime; would they really have a concept of good and bad?  As humans we have the gift of being able to create that distinction for are selves (what one person thinks is bad the other might think is good).

Angles are obedient; in order to have obedience’s you can’t have free thought; in order to not have free thought you can’t have free will.

demon kill because it’s fun

Angles kills because it was ask too

Both are scary if you ask me.

Nothing they do is wrong or correct.

I’m bringing this up because I have seen many anime that depict angel as mad murders and demon as sexy lovers. One: A demon would rape and kill you without a second thought (too many sexy demons) and two: If an angel desires a human/anything that is a sin (don’t anger god).

sorry Fierte “you can never go back”.

*my little rant ^-o*

p.s why make the joke “angels have no gender” if you were just going to make them look distinctively female/male.


That’s just one part of this anime O_O

They might not have answered the question of where these beams came from but they sure gave us a lot of side stories.

A lot of them don’t really go anywhere and you most likely will have forgotten about them as episode go on. You can see it’s trying so hard to get you to care about these characters but outside of their singular episodes there really boring/unengaging.

The last episode tries to be dramatic but ultimately fails (I know nothing about these people outside of their back stories). For the most part this last episode is just warping up as many loose ends as it possibly can (it’s cluttered and flows very poorly).

Episode in short: I’m going away to a distant land.

^-^ yay the last episode, we can final find out why this anime was constantly telling us the time and date? “Look, it’s snowing.”   T_T you spent all that time telling us the time just so we knew it was snowing in winter *facepalm*.


If you want something that does not need much concentration this is for you but, if you want a good action show your better off looking somewhere ells.


my top 11 anime of winter 2014

1st Witch Craft Works

This is one of the only show this season that I will watch willingly (too bad I’m still trying to beat last season, I would watch way more of this If the bad shows were not staking me).  It takes the modern magical warrior and makes it fun again, we have spent way too long on “what will my family think” and “I have to save the planet” it’s such a relief to see a show where the stakes are not world destroying(far as we know).  Plus it’s nice to have bad guys who have personalise of their own.  *how often do you see the enemy goofing about in a karaoke bar *



2nd Nobunaga the Fool

This anime does not know if it’s a fighting robot action anime or a historical anime. It does manage to blend the two but, I honestly don’t think that the robots really add much to the story as a haul (in fact it’s really distracting).

*You’re getting into the nice mood of the historical setting and then BANG! Giant robot battle.*



3rd Hozuki no Reitetsu

^_^ Like I said many a time “what I find funny another might find boring”

All I know is that Hozuki no Reitetsu is a dark comedy that leaves me in stitches every time.


*I might only make first/last impressions of comedies in the future.*


4th The Pilot’s Love Song

I wasn’t really sure where I stood with this show when it started however, as it progressed I can now understand where everything links together and the relationships these people share. These characters could actual made me cry by having a heart melting confiscation that felt real and honest (no cheap tricks just heart-warming words).

I fear that my love for this show is going to be destroyed by how this anime chooses to pay its last couple of episodes. *hopefully the action will pull it though its final challenge (don’t really care about the romance).*



5th Silver Spoon 2

I know that with a lot of second season the shows can radically change in feel and mood but, in the case of silver spoon I feel that I lost a lot of its charm in the transition.  My biggest problem with this season is that it seems to ignore the agricultural aspect of the show so that we can spend more time on…..well…school life without the school.  By taking away agricultural lesson we have just been left with the day to day life of a city boy that goes to a farming school.



6th Nobunagun

This is a cool looking show……the problem is that that’s all it has going for it.

I honestly can’t remember what’s going on in this show, nether can I remember any of these characters names or personalities.  *This is purely sugar for the eyes.*



7th Wake Up, Girls!

This is a good if you want to see a group of underdogs trying to work their way up without the help of a big corporation. Like many idol anime it suffers the problem of having too many characters and not enough episode to give each one a story however, the show could have at least made their clothes look different or give them creative hair (I really can’t tell them apart).



8th Wizard Barristers

The show fails at being interesting because it don’t actually focus on what it set out to do. When you offer me a show about Barristers I expect to see are character spend a lot of time in the court house. Who would have of guessed that this show was about an annoying random girl running around and creating giant robots form that tile.  *why hasn’t she been dismissed yet?*

I feel that this show could have been a lot better if they were detectives.




o-o I can’t be mad at this show. Sure it’s boring and does not offer simulating characters but, it was never designed to entertain in first place.  Do you know who sonico is? If yes, the show has achieved its goal. *spread the word of the girl who never takes her head phones off.*




Is anyone ells watching this??? This is trying to sell you a card game…I think?? *it sad when I have to look up what your show is about.* the story is very similar to how bakugan starts (random monsters came and people tames them). With a show like that you don’t have to explain why the kids can battle with them, it’s just childish fun (kids can do anything).  when you start to aiming a show like that at an older ordinance WE WANT ANSWERS! Using  the phrase “it just is” does not work when you’re trying to tell a story about how theses monsters are destroying the world.



11th Magical Warfare

T_o This show is bad that I actual write a log for episode.

Episodes: 1 2 3 4  *i started properly writing about them when i hit episode 3*

Z/X IGNITION midway impression

ImageXD I don’t know what’s going on??? For a show that revolves around z/x we really don’t know much about them.  Where did these hand devises come from? I original thought it was chosen one magic however, latter we learn that the military has 2….. How did they get them? Did they steal them or are weapons given by stronger z/x / angles.  Are the angles z/x? If not where did they come from? If the world was attacked why are all the hot spots only in japan? *Because its anime, why did I even ask?*

*O-o They still have some time to explain what is going on. *

The worst episode of this anime has to be episode 5 because it’s just a pointless filler episode, for the most part.  O-o I will list off what’s wrong with episode 5:

  1. Girl who is scared of multidimensional monsters does not question a floating mask of evil.
  2. The balloon was ether under flatted or just ignoring physics.
  3. Who chases a balloon for that long? Did you expect the kid too just wait till you came back? Is that kid still waiting for his balloon?
  4. They reuse the same joke trice (it was not that funny the first time).
  5. O-o Did this show just temporally turn into a harem drama.
  6. Who thought that cantering an episode around cooking cake would mesh well with this series (we have had nothing but fighting/drama in the episodes before this).

^-^ I feel a lot better now. 

Am I the only one who thinks about championship wrestling every time the logo comes on the screen? XD On the right corner we have a mighty knight *boooo* and in the left corner we have the guy with pointy horns *woop woop*.

i can’t see this getting any better. 

p.s. You have to love how the title is in capitals IT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO SHOUT IT!

Z/X IGNITION (first impression)


What’s the point in saying “the early 21st century” if you’re just going to set your anime in modern times. They make it  even more confusing by time skipping a couple of years forward and then jumping between different days of the month (just give me a date anime).

*”in 2014 something happened” that’s all you needed to say*

None of this matters because the anime doesn’t choose to expand on what it set up in the beginning (what was the point in telling us that????).


There are monsters that be controlled by phones…I think??

There is an evil organisation…. I think????

The monsters are attached to the strange explosions that happened all around the world……I think???


For a show that spends its opening explaining what going on, it really does not explain what is happening (I felt lost throughout the entire show).

I have very little faith in this show improving.

episode 2 

They explains what the explosions did (kind of ) and they have there ipad back.

*I continue to wonder what year this takes place in.*