People wonder why I’m so picky when it comes to book.

I recently started reading “Archmage” by R.A. Salvatore since coming across it in Mym (they where mostly discussing how R.A. Salvatore killed chewy in the article).

This book is meant to be aimed at young teen boys…..why is a lot of politics in this book. O_O I always thought young lads wanted to read porn turns out they wanted to study the dwarven political system.

23883752I do feel like I am enjoying it but……the amount of contradicting text that happens throughout the book is driving me a little nuts.

Two drow (dark elf) are traveling together in order to kill someone and in the process have sex……why you ask? I don’t know! It make no sense  for the female drow to call him a rapist, earlier in the book it is said they had a consensually agreement on the matter of sex.

Y-Y I have to call bull on the drow being a matriarchy. You get male drow complaining about how they are mistreated and how they can’t have power OH WAIT! the Archmage is a guy and who has political influence and head of a magic school that doesn’t allow female students.

How is the archmage a guy? Is there just no female wizards in menzoberranzan? Even a basic level one female wizard should technically outrank him if this societys way of thinking is to be believed. Why are all the battle masters male? why are they given such positions  of power If the matrons and lolth want to keep them down??????

O_O Is menzoberranzan basically run by a nunnery??????? *we just exchange the Nuns for priestesses of lolth.*

I get the impression the common drow woman has a harder time then the common drow male.

XD sorry for my long ramble. 



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