Magimoji Rurumo ending (reaction)

CaptureWhy set up an important plot point if you’re not going to incorporate it into most of your episodes? 

I’m sick to death of anime that set up interesting plot point and fascinating locations just too use the same scenarios that every other show before it has used.  Too many of the episodes in this series come off as pointless filler that doesn’t connect to the plot/ premises in any shape or form.

Seeing as this show is meant to be a comedy there isn’t many laugh out loud moments outside of the guy gets hit in face joke.

^-^ This anime doesn’t have a clear ending! Meaning that if this show doesn’t get a season 2 a lot of fans will be extremely annoyed (never leave a season hanging unless you can promise a second season).

It wasn’t the best of shows but, it wasn’t the worst of shows.



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